For primary raises on Seedrs, the company sets its own valuation and through calculations we ensure that the share price is correct. Seedrs values shares in accordance with its Portfolio Valuation Policy and this is reflected as the company’s share price in your Portfolio.

The company’s share price is marked at 'fair value' and this is based on the share price from its most recent investment round. Fair value is also impacted by up-to-date information that we hold on the company.

Investors are able to request to sell their shares on the Secondary Market at a premium or a discount. This can be above or below the fair value, subject to a minimum share price of £.01/share and maximum of 500% the current valuation share price. You are encouraged to perform your own due diligence on the company before making any buy or sell decisions when using the Secondary Market.

The price that shares are sold at on the Secondary Market does not impact the company’s share price or it’s indicative valuation shown in your Seedrs Portfolio. This will continue to be valued in line with Seedrs’ Valuation Policy.

Read more about fair value and Seedrs' Portfolio Valuation Policy.

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