If you’d like to pay for an investment in a campaign denominated in Pound Sterling using Euros from your Seedrs Investment Account, or vice versa, you can instruct us to convert your funds through a third-party FX provider, Currency Cloud by pressing the 'Conversion' button on your Seedrs Investment Account. The exchange rate displayed in your Seedrs Investment Account will be available for three minutes, after which time it will expire.

The converted funds will immediately be displayed as available in your Seedrs Investment Account and you can use them to pay for investments, but please note, it may take up to 10 working days for them to actually be converted in our client money accounts through Currency Cloud. We don't charge you any fees for converting currency. However, if the rate fluctuates between the exchange rate being displayed and you accepting it, we may make a gain or suffer a loss.

You can also convert your funds before requesting a withdraw in order to send the funds back in the correct currency - please bear in mind that this may result in your withdraw request taking slightly longer to be processed as we will only be able to do that when the conversion is complete.

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