In order to reduce the risk of fraud we return funds back to the last account that deposited funds. If you have used different accounts to deposit small amounts and you request to withdraw a large amount this will result in your funds being spread across those accounts. 

For example if you deposited £20 from Account A, £20 from Account B, £20 from Account C and you request to withdraw £60, we will return the funds back to Accounts A, B and C. You will need check all three accounts. This is made clear during the withdrawal process and is the case for all withdraw requests.

What happens if my card is expired?

If your card is expired or you have received a new card but the bank account remains the same, there is no need to worry: the funds will be directed to your account by the card provider once they are returned to the expired card.

How can I withdraw my funds in case my card is cancelled?

When you are submitting a request to withdraw (you can find the instructions in the article 'How do I withdraw my funds?') there may be a scenario where your card is cancelled. If this happens, please contact our support team at so we can investigate your request.

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