Two-factor authentication (2FA) increases security to your accounts by requiring more than just a password. Using just a password can make you more vulnerable to security threats because only one piece of information is required by a malicious person to access your account.

Seedrs provides the ability to use 2FA when withdrawing funds from your Investment Account and editing sensitive information in your profile (like your password). The 2FA is not enabled for the login.

If you enable 2FA, your mobile phone will receive an authentication code via SMS when a withdrawal is initiated in your Investment Account. You simply type the code into the platform to proceed with the withdrawal. If enabled, funds cannot be withdrawn without entering the code.

Warning: For security reasons, Seedrs cannot disable 2FA on your behalf if you lose your phone and don’t have access to your recovery codes. For this reason, it is very important to store the recovery code in a safe place.

You can set up 2FA for your Investment Account withdrawals in the security tab of your Seedrs Profile Settings. You’ll need to input your mobile phone number, then a code will be sent by SMS in order for you to confirm your identity.

You can choose to use a mobile app instead of receiving codes via SMS in the security tab of your Profile Settings. We recommend authenticating with a mobile app, which automatically generates an authentication code that changes after a period of time. This method is safer than SMS, as SMS traffic can be intercepted.

If you have a smartphone, you can install one of the following apps:

– Google Authenticator (iOS or android)
– Duo Mobile (iOS or android)
– Authenticator (Windows phone)

If for some reason you cannot access the app, you can still choose to have the code sent via SMS.

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