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The first step to verify your identity is completing your account details. We ask for your:

  • Full legal name, as displayed on your identity documents;

  • Date of birth;

  • Full residential address;

  • Tax residency and tax identification number (TIN) - where applicable.

Full legal name

Your full legal name must be entered exactly how it appears on your legal documents. Middle names, while not compulsory, can be included during the sign up journey.

Full residential address

Your address must be accurate and complete. The automatic checks we run to verify your identity will try to match the address information you provide with verified and authorised databases. If we’re unable to do this, we’ll need to ask you for more information to complete the verification process.

Tax residency and Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Your tax residency is the country or countries in which you pay tax. We’re obliged to collect this information for identity verification. Please note, we must report any suspicious activity to HMRC.

Your TIN is the number that identifies you on your tax returns – in the UK, this is your National Insurance number.

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