Q. How long does the identity verification take?

A .To make your life easier, we try to verify your identity automatically, which can take anything from a few seconds to an hour.

If you’re asked to submit a proof of address document, it means we’re unable to verify your identity automatically, so our Compliance team will need to verify it manually. 

We aim to complete this within one business day, but depending on how busy we are and whether we may need to request further information from you, it could take up to five business days.

Q. What types of checks do you run to verify my identity?

As a regulated financial services company, we’re subject to FCA rules and anti-money laundering laws, so, we’re obliged to run database checks which will match the user's name and address against credit agencies and the voting register. We also need to carry out sanctions checks.

Q. Is my personal information safe with Seedrs?

Yes, your personal information is safe! We have stringent security policies and procedures in place to protect your personal data. We work hard to manage security risks and stay ahead of possible threats. You can learn more about our data security policies on our Security page

For more information on how we use your personal data, please read our Privacy Notice.

Q. Why isn’t the identity verification page working correctly?

Although we’re working to provide the best experience for our investors, there are a few minor glitches with the identity verification process in specific browsers and OS. We’re working on fixing the issues, but meanwhile, just contact support if you need help.

If you have any further questions about our identity verification process, feel free to contact support.

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