A Leedr is a top Seedrs investor. The election method is based on amount invested and number of investments above a certain amount. Leedrs are identified with a badge.

When are Leedrs promoted / demoted?

Automatic Leedr election happens on the 1st of every month at 00h00 UTC.

How are Leedrs elected?

In order to become a Leedr, an investor has to meet one of the two criteria below:

  • Total invested: an investor becomes a Leedr if the sum of her/his lifetime accepted investments is greater or equal than 5,000 GBP or equivalent *.

  • Number of investments above a certain minimum: an investor becomes a Leedr if they invest at least 250 GBP equivalent * in at least 10 campaigns. The algorithm only considers accepted investments, but includes all accepted investments made by the user since joining Seedrs.

*the platform exchanges EUR amounts to GBP.

Can Leedrs be demoted?

We will also check that the above conditions used to automatically promote users to Leedr status remain the 1st of every month at 00h00 UTC, before the election. It can be that investments made are cancelled or reversed in someway causing a demotion.

Leedr benefits

Special social badging status. 

From time to time we may reach out with special offers and rewards for being a valued customer.

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