You can see the status of the application for each of your individual investments from your Portfolio page, in the Tax Documents tab. You may see one of four different statuses for each investment you’ve made:


The business that has received investment needs to provide Seedrs with detailed information about various aspects of its structure. Until Seeds receives the information from the business the submission pack can't be created and sent to HMRC. Seedrs chases businesses that have not submitted the information frequently.


On receipt of the required information from the business receiving investment, Seedrs will generate a submission pack that contains the information from the business and details of the round and investors involved. The submission pack is then sent to HMRC for approval.

HMRC Approval

HMRC review the submitted information and return a confirmation that the relevant tax certificates can be released to investors in order for them to claim their individual tax relief against the investment they have made.


Once the approval from HMRC has been received Seedrs releases digital certificates which are emailed to all investors and can be downloaded at all times from a users portfolio.

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