After your application has been approved by our team, you'll be assigned a dedicated investment associate who will help you through the process and provide the tools you need for a successful campaign. Here’s a very high level look at the Seedrs campaign process:

1. Prepare your campaign

Write your pitch
Explain your business, show off your team, lay out the market opportunity and highlight what you plan to do with your investment. 

Create a video
The campaign video is one of the most important tools to engage the crowd by showcasing the business, team and current investors.

2. Verification

We’ll work with you to make sure that every statement in the campaign is fair, clear and not misleading.

3. Prepare a marketing plan

Campaigns fund quickly when time and effort is put into a generating awareness and warming up investors before launching your campaign. Reach out to people who like what you're doing, including friends and family, team members, vendors and stockists, previous investors, and customers. 

4. Private launch (7 days)

Your shareholders, customers and network have the exclusive opportunity to invest before everyone else when the campaign launches privately.

5. Public launch (up to 60 days)

Once a campaign demonstrates traction during the private launch we will publish it for all to see on Seedrs. Campaigns run for up to 60 days, but successful ones often fund much sooner.

6. Campaign hits 100%

Congratulations! The clock now stops but campaigns can stay open to take advantage of overfunding.

7. Legal and payment process

Upon closing a round, we will perform legal due diligence on the company and prepare all necessary documentation.

8. Receive all funds

We will transfer the amount raised in the fundraising campaign, less the Seedrs fee, in full.

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